22/07/2019 New manuscript published in Earth Surface Dynamics

New research article „Detection and explanation of spatiotemporal patterns in Late Cenozoic palaeoclimate change relevant to Earth surface processes“ published in EGU’s ESurfD.
→ Access the manuscript here (external link)

04/02/2019 New manuscript in discussion in Earth Surface Dynamics

The new manuscript on detecting and explaining geomorphologically relevant patterns in late Cenozoic climate change is now in discussion in EGU’s ESurfD.
→ Access the manuscript here (external link)

06/04/2018 New Publication on estimates of late Cenozoic climate change relevant to Earth surface processes

How did climate change in the late Cenozoic? How could this have affected denudation and Earth surface processes in different orogens? The palaeoclimate simulations published here provides a modelling framework to tackle these questions.
→ Access the article here (external link)

12/07/2017 Trailer for Earthquake Educational Videos

The trailer for the Earthquake Educational Videos has been published. From scientists at academic institutions across the UK and Germany comes the science adventure video series exploring the Earth’s interior, plate tectonics, faults, seismic energy, earthquakes and much more. For more information, visit www.parsquake.org
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