I look into the interactions between climate and other Earth systems; in particular, my research focuses on the dynamics between atmosphere, glaciers, Earth surface processes and tectonics in mountain ranges. In order to detect, describe, explain and model these complex interactions, I employ statistical tools and machine learning techniques in combination with climate modelling and high performance computing. The advances made in gaining a more holistic understanding of the climate system and its evolution through time allow me to bridge the gap to other geo-science disciplines, and offer new predictions that complement those in the field of climate impact research. Investigated regions include Central Asia, the Alps, the Andes, Scandinavia and Himalaya-Tibet.

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Palaeoclimate and Climate Dynamics Junior Research Group

The University of Tübingen Palaeoclimate and Climate Dynamics junior research group is closely associated with the Earth System Dynamics research group.

Current Members:
Sebastian Mutz, Dr. rer. nat. (climate system dynamics, climate modelling, statistics)
Svetlana Botsyun, Ph.D. (climate-tectonics interactions, climate modelling)
Simon Ring (MSc student, Bayesian temporal interpolation of palaeoclimates)
Yuling Yang (MSc student, Bayesian assessment of palaeotopographies from palaeoclimate reconstructions)
Zhang Liu (MSc student, Random Forest models for estimating local climate change in Chile)
Daniel Boateng (MSc student, prediction of 21st century precipitation response to different emission scenarios in the Ammer catchment)

Former Members:
Marie Seeber, MSc (landslide re-mobilisation triggered by extreme weather events)
Johannes Aschauer, MSc (statistical modelling and prediction of mountain glaciers in S. America)
Samuel Scherrer, MSc (empirical statistical downscaling of modern climate in Chile)
Gayathri Guddeti, MSc (landscape evolution modelling from LGM to today)
Hemanti Sharma, MSc (frost cracking models for present and palaeoclimates)
lze Muceniece, MSc (AWS measurements in Chile, statistics)
Jana Geller, MSc (climate extremes in the Late Cenozoic)

Research Topics
  • climate dynamics
  • Earth system interactions
  • Cenozoic and modern climate change
  • downscaling and local predictions
  • climate impact research

  • General Circulation Models (GCM’s)
  • statistics and machine learning
  • high performance computing
  • geographic information systems



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