The list of people below includes close collaborators (in-house and external) with significant and ongoing involvement in the research agenda presented here. Get in touch if you have any questions or like to join us!

Boateng, Daniel (MSc, PhD Researcher)

Climate change, Earth surface dynamics, palaeoclimate modelling, A.I..
→ University of Tübingen | e-mail | website

Eizenhöfer, Paul (Dr., Lecturer)

Landscape dynamics, numerical modelling, computational geoscience.
University of Glasgow | e-mail | website

Liu, Xiaohui (Dr., Lecturer)

Palaeoclimate reconstructions, sedimentary basins, stratigraphy, oxygen isotopes.
→ China University of Potroleum – Beijing

Meijers, Maud (Dr., Assistant Professor)

Palaeoenvironmental and palaeotopography reconstructions, field and lab based methods.
University of Graz

Mohadjer, Solmaz (Dr., Academic Associate)

Geohazards, mountain building and erosion, geoscience communication.
→ University of Tübingen | e-mail | website

Mutz, Sebastian G. (Dr. habil., Senior Lecturer)

Climate change, Earth system dynamics, climate modelling, statistics, A.I., computational geoscience.
→ University of Glasgow | e-mail | website

Sedhu-Madhavan, Ardhra (MSc Researcher)

Mid-Late Holocene palaeoclimate change in the in Central Andes.
→ University of Tübingen


Alfred-Wegener Institut Bremerhaven
Institute for Earth Sciences, Universität Graz
China University of Petroleum – Beijing
IAG, Universidade de São Paulo
Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre
Chair of Climatology, Technische Universität Berlin
Institute of Geography and Geology, Universität Würzburg
Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ)

Former Team Members

*excluding external collaborators
Aschauer, Johannes (MSc) 
Bartel, Denise (BSc)
Behrens, Nicolas (MSc and research assistant)
Botsyun, Svetlana (Postdoc)
Geller, Jana (MSc)
Gnisia, Gregor (BSc)
Guddeti, Gayathri (MSc) 
Li, Jingmin (Postdoc)
Muceniece, Ilze (MSc and research assistant) 
Neumann, Annalena (research assistant)
Poremba, Noam (intern)
Ring, Simon (MSc and research assistant)
Seeber, Marie (Msc)
Salis-Gross, Eskil (Msc)
Scherrer, Samuel (MSc) 
Sharma, Hemanti (MSc)
Tettenborn, Judith (BSc)
Yang, Yuling (MSc)